The Work From Home and Productivity Equation

Productivity is not mere grinding with a set of skills to produce desirable, palpable, or material results not without an ideal state of body and mind.COVID time has brought unprecedented changes in almost every sphere of our lives. Be it personal or professional, we all are overwhelmed and grappling to balance ourselves through this tightrope walk.Everyone around is struggling to be in a state of consonance of productivity and trying to come up with ways to achieve that while they work from home. Companies and professionals are trying interesting ideas and taking innovative steps to adjust easily in the new normal. Vishal Singh, an employee of Noida based IT company says, “Our firm is helping us through and through. We get online and telephonic sessions of yoga, positivity, hobby courses, and sessions from psychologists too to cope with stress in these times.” While many of us long for nostalgic days of pre-COVID when going to the office and working at a dedicated space was required to get the best professional results. As the workplace and home have become one, it’s been hard for most of us to wind our minds around this idea. Shilpee, a research scholar based in Ranchi quips about days she used to go to her college. “It’s like being stuck in a hole and follow the same routine. Feels like the world has become an open-air jail. I mostly spent time with my toddler son to keep up my sanity and carry on my research work.” Now, ‘This too shall pass’ is a constant reminder while we engage in our daily jobs and responsibilities. No doubt the pandemic is taking a toll on our mental health too. Realizing the seriousness, the World Health Organization has called upon countries to frame mechanisms to deal with psychological problems affecting larger populations. In India too, many organizations have taken steps towards bringing a change in the norms and regulations to make it in accordance with the current times.  With psychological burden including fear, anxiety, insecurity regarding the future has hit usual productivity of professionals, hobbies, and unwinding activities are the new safe haven to boost productivity and beat the negativity of the times. 

“Earlier, I never had time to engage in a hobby or craft cause of my 9-5 job. But now that I am more at home and there is no going out or rather away from work, I have rekindled my interests in oil painting. It really helps me unwind and be more productive when I am back at work,” shares Priyank Agarwal, a Marketing Executive for an MNC.

Vineet Upadhyay

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