How these women entrepreneurs are following their passion..

The toughest creation of God ‘woman’, who has been blessed with the power of giving birth and thereafter building lives but many times forget about their own passions and aspirations. In contradiction to that Indian women from centuries also have been able to set example and inspiration for the society overcoming many challenges and barriers.The legacy of Lucknow Chikankari produced and sold here as one of its specialities but no manufacturer had the courage of making it the source of income for the needy yet very talented artisans. This honour goes to Maharani Veena Singh, the woman entrepreneur and creator of “Avadh Chikan”.’ Coming from royal family Chikankari was Introduced to me by my mother and working for the society was not social work but a duty”, said the queen of Chikankari. She added that after pursuing her interests and Hobbies like Hockey & Kathak and then an early marriage, in 1994 when the family needed me less I went back to Chikankari”.Though she worked as a N.G.O there were monetary problems, when the team she raised once, was now supporting her and they started generating investment with their work they created and sold. Today she is a proud author of a Book and a mother of a village she has adopted consisting of two hundred Chikankari Artisans. “I studied in DPS RK Puram, Delhi, but an early marriage, got me back to Aizawl, Mizoram where I finished my college. With six kids and a job as a principal of a government School, I started feeling the burden of our education system where the little angels were expected to be Mug Up Bags fulfilling every ones expectations and this realization was one of the reasons for me to quit my job and start my own kindergarten” said Meriam Hrangchal, a kindergarten owner, and an inspiring mentor from Mizoram. She believed that no language should be a barrier in any child’s growth and introduced Hindi being equally important along with English and Mizo. She also has tried to apply the concept of “mother Teacher” very sincerely in kindergarten schools. Today she is an inspiration for the aspiring women education entrepreneurs as she after establishing her own “Alpha World School” is now distributing franchises. Cooking and women are the unsaid two sides of the same coin, for some it being a routine and for some the passion which leads an MBA working with Asian Paints Mumbai as a brand Head to quit her job and come back to her home town Jabalpur and start her own Burger outlet “Bun in a million”. “Brand manager in Asian Paints was a good job with a good pay, but not my ultimate destination” said Soumya Mishra , a young entrepreneur. “Coming from a Brahmin family and convincing my parents that it would not only be burgers but also Non-Vegetarian burgers was a challenge.” But with her passion she proved dreams just don’t come true they have to be followed. Today ‘Bun in a million’ is one of the most preferred Burger joints of Jabalpur.

Cakes pastries cookies and its manufacturing unit, no more only a bakery, but also today’s very passionate home bakers “being from a decent family of Jabalpur , I told my parents that I wanted to do a baking course from Malaysia and the answer was a flat NO” said Vanshika Jaggi a twenty four year old home baker whose venture is called “Desert Boutique”. It has the highest rated bakery items in Jabalpur. She also said “initially my concept was limited to a certain class of people but today I have both acceptability and appreciation.” Entrepreneurship is not about degrees gender or age, its about passion intention and the correct coordination between one’s heart and mind. It has been proved by these very dedicated women entrepreneurs who have set examples and brought a change in ideas and society.
By Divya Srivastava

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